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Mezuzah and More


The laws of Mezuzah are complex and can sometimes be frustrating and time-consuming.  Mezuzah and More will remove the stress and hassle and assist in fulfilling this vital mitzvah.


We can take care of some or all of your mezuzah needs including providing klafs, inspection, consultation, and installation.


Other sta"m items are also available. We can provide reasonably priced Tefillin and Megillot.  Sifrei Torah can be obtained as well.

Mezuzah Services


Sales - Reasonably priced mezuzot. See here for full price list and samples. All klafs are checked and certified. Discount available for larger orders. 


Installation - Rabbi Gross will come to your home, office or institution and install your mezuzot for you. $6 per mezuzah.


Checking - Mezuzot will be checked by an expert sofer. Four day turnaround time. $9 per mezuzah. Rabbi Gross is also available to come to your home, office, or institution and handle the removal and replacement. $15 per mezuzah.


Cases - Reasonably priced cases to protect and beautify your mezuzah 

Tefillin Services


Sales - A variety of tefillin available. See the klaf before the tefillin are constructed. Prices start at $620 including cases and embroidered bag. Every part of the tefillin is checked and certified. 


Checking - Tefillin will be checked, repaired and returned within a week. Spare tefillin are available. 


Repairs - Replacement straps are available for either the shel yad or shel rosh.

Megillot & Sifrei Torah


Sales & Repairs - Available upon request. 

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